Important lessons can be drawn from the worldwide ‘WannaCry-Ransomware’ hack, which hit the globe on the 13th and 14th of May this year.


The most significant: such a hack can be avoided. By keeping your IT-systems up to date. Users of older and unsafe software were the main target of WannaCry. Appropriate (modern) security measures are therefore crucial, but a controlled environment that alarms you when security is breached is even more important.

On the 22th of May -in response to these events- Voka Kempen, Voka Mechelen en organised a Voka Update: ‘Cybercrime and GDPR – The digital part of your security strategy’. These days organisations of all kind -not merely the big ones- are targeted by hackers.

The three most important lessons of this particular weekend:

  • a hack can be avoided by using an up to date IT-environment with the right security measures installed.

  • Besides the right technology, safe online conduct is equally important (e.g. never open unsafe attachments). You and your colleagues may as well be the weakest link.

  • You’ve been hacked after the 28th of May 2018? You will be fined a monsterfee by the European Commision. Using the right technology to protect your clients data is obliged by the GDPR. On top of that, it will be mandatory to inform your clients that you’ve been hacked, which of course can sincerly damage your reputation.

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