The logistics industry is of enormous economic importance to the Netherlands. Together we generate 55 billion euro annually and provide employment for 813,000 people. Above all, our industry provides a crucial service that is an integral part of many other (top) sectors. It is in the interest of the Netherlands that the logistics sector is maintained and strengthened.

Logiqstar is connected to TKI-Dinalog. Thanks to this connection our software evolves together with the fast changing world of LSP and freight forwarding: trends, renewals, up-to-date information from TKI-Dinalog combined with the expertise of Logiqstar, future technologies and developments. As a result, the LSP market will be able to fulfill their goals, grow and renew. Continuity guaranteed!

Dinalog was established in 2009 and has generated many projects that have boosted innovation in logistics. Due to changes in the top sector policy, it was time to organize matters differently: TKI-Dinalog was born in 2015.

TKI-Dinalog (Top consortium Knowledge and Innovation) stands for the joint efforts of Dinalog, TNO and NWO to boost innovation in logistics. Dinalog was transformed into TKI-Dinalog to create a single point of contact for commerce. The Top Sector Logistics is very clear on its mission: in 2020 they want to be the best logistics sector in the world. However, they cannot do this on their own: we have to innovate together.

TKI-Dinalog wants to structurally improve the cooperation between commerce, knowledge institutes and government. In this cooperation they work hard on innovation, but also on sharing knowledge, experience and results. TKI-Dynalog and Logiqstar do this on a day-to-day basis.

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