The future for logistics processes looks bright! The shift to digitalization only offers benefits. With the transformation of the CUSCAR message freight forwarders will receive the Bill of Lading information much earlier in the process. It’s the perfect solution to minimize data entry and to avoid mistakes. We started with tackling missing containers with Blockchain technology, together with NxtPort and T-mining. The next step is to simplify the logistics process of transporting and unloading cargo.

Recently NxtPort launched two different API’s called: ‘Next Mode of Transport’ and ‘Import Consignment Data’.  Both solutions involve technology to retrieve and share data with each pawn in the logistics chain. Is it that easy? Yes it is! From now on freight forwarders are well-informed about the unloaded cargo, which improves the efficiency between parties.

Furthermore shipping agencies can start to transform their CUSCAR message (CUStoms CARgo message) even more. How? By sharing information on the NxtPort platform. This way the captivated information from a CUSCAR message can be (re-)used by others. Note: You decide with whom you want to share this information. Your data is secured and won’t be available for everyone.

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We are thrilled with the new possibilities!

Together with Molenbergnatie and NxtPort we are translating this process into practice by connecting databases from each party. Do you want to know more about it? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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