Since the start of Logiqstar, in 2008, we’ve been constantly optimizing our processes, growing our expertise and professionalizing our support. Our goal? Making sure you can focus on your core business and achieve your goals.
On July 31st, Logiqstar 5.0 is a fact. We’ve listened to your needs and we made the shift to digital. Thanks to a strong partnership with Microsoft, we are able to empower your people in their day to day job. Microsoft opens a whole new world for the logistic industry. Based on future technology and easy to integrate.

Logiqstar 5.0

Logiqstar 5.0 is built on the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics: Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017. To meet the Microsoft standards we have enhanced the user experience of our NAV-add-on. Furthermore we have redesigned the back engine in order to comply with the road to Dynamics365. All these new developments are done via events and extensions which will optimize future upgrades significantly.


Besides technological improvements Logiqstar 5.0 has different new functionalities.
Two wonderful modules were launched:

Harbour Resource Management

This application area provides you tools to: manage your (own or hired) harbour dockers, register their presence on a terminal, plan their work, register their performed work… It offers you the possibility to capture all related information that is needed to manage salary and uplifts.

Work registration, this can be based on working time or carried/transported weight. Dockers can also be divided by team type: fixed or interim. For each team type we have designed a separate work registration.

Calculated salary is registered in the form of salary slips. This gives you the opportunity to pay a salary immediately or to save it on a waiting account, so that it can be paid at a later date or transferred to another docker. This process is fully integrated with the accounting part in order to have a perfect overview on what still needs to be paid.

For Belgium there is a local extension available to connect Harbor Resource Management to CEPA (Centrale der Werkgevers aan de Haven van Antwerpen), allowing you to create a CEPA file with required information about the salary of the dockers.

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Customs Warehouse Management

This brand-new module is based on the Customs Declaration Documents module and is fully integrated with Order Management and Inventory Management. The Customs Warehouse Management application simplifies and automates the process of managing the movement of goods through a customs warehouse. By using this functionality, you can manage imported goods regardless of the type of customs warehouse in use.

You can create a customs inventory marker which contains information about the stock keeping unit from customs point of view. Every customs declaration document you need for: moving goods through a customs warehouse, incoming goods, outgoing goods or processed goods… all your transactions are registered under this customs inventory marker. It collects all the information that can be required by customs authorities.

Customs inventory markers can be created manually or automatically. There are a few scenarios that can trigger an automatic creation of customs inventory markers – or marker lines – such as:

  • A stand-alone customs declaration task;
  • An operational order with inventory management tasks excluding a Customs Declaration task;
  • An operational order with inventory management tasks including a Customs Declaration task;

To accommodate the registration of customs inventory entries, customs inventory properties have been introduced in order to set up the stock keeping units in a flexible and configurable way.

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Logiqstar 5.0 comes with numerous small optimizations in all of the modules. The Customs Calculation sheet has been extended with the Calculation Sheet functionality. This feature allows you to recalculate your invoice values and VAT values on an Export or Import customs declaration within the Customs Document on the basis of the used incoterms code.
The customs invoice amounts that you specify on the calculation sheet can be updated according to the customs exchange rates if necessary.
From now on our Business Integration Layer & EDI communication offers data mapping for messaging so that Logiqstar knows which customer’s value in a specific field corresponds to which value in Logiqstar.


Equally important to optimization is integration. Our new release of Logiqstar can be used on all devices so you can work any time, any place. Furthermore Logiqstar 5.0 interacts with Office 365, Sharepoint Online and many other Microsoft applications such as Power BI. We have integrated a Power BI Data Connector with a pre-defined Operations Reporting and Dashboard.
Logiqstar 5.0 has also been connected to Power Apps in order to allow you to easily create your own Apps and comes out of the box with an App to consult loading information and availability.
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