The Cargoflow Way: Personalized flows

Cargoflow started off as a maritime consultant in 2007, but soon reorientated. Today it is a service-company with 3 employees, located in Antwerp. As freight forwarder Cargoflow delivers services to the whole supply chain, their main focus and expertise however is on the maritime aspect. The key success factor is their unique approach towards customers. Being a young and dynamic company, Cargoflow personalizes each flow,  taking into account the demands of each customer.

Due to this flexibility the company easily adapts to market-specific needs and changes in requirements. “We always try to do everything we can to deliver the best solution to our clients, often tailor-made”says Nils Beyers, owner Cargoflow. With an International scope the company’s main customers are localized in Germany, France, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, South-Africa and America.

One IT-System to Manage and Support All Business Needs

Cargoflow used to work with different systems at the same time. Nils Beyers: “My administrative workflow was huge and therefore started testing different IT-systems. Could one system support my business? They all had the same problems. They were complex, not userfrienly and functional at all. On top of that, they were expensive and there was a lack of maritime expertise. It took me a couple of months to find the right IT system. I was looking for people with experience in maritime logistics and a system that could manage and support my business needs. Functional, user-friendly and structured!”

Everything a forwarder needs

Logiqstar was recommended to Cargoflow by one of Logiqstar’s clients. “With Logiqstar I found the perfect solution for my forwarding business. Everything that my previous systems couldn’t offer, now was at my fingertips. It’s very easy to use, it is functional and the Logiqstar team is extremely experienced. Logiqstar is available in the cloud, which means I can use it everywhere, anytime and on any device. I can work from home, on holiday, wherever I am. Moreover, the price is excellent for the services they offer.” Cargoflow is using Logiqstars standard module “Order Management”.

“Logiqstar offers everything a forwarder needs, in the standard version.”

Nils Beyers, owner Cargoflow

Up and running in the cloud after 10 days

The implementation consisted of setting up the standard packages with corresponding templates and the order-flow setup. “The implementation and the trainings didn’t take us longer than 10 days. After these days I was up and running in the cloud. Since it is easy to use, 2 days of trainings were sufficient. If I had any kind of question, I could easily rely on their local support.”

Single Data Entry Saves 30% Time

Logiqstar is built in a way that all data only need to be entered once. Time is important. While using Logiqstar, your focus can shift to your main business. “I saved 30% in time by the single data entry of Logiqstar, time that I can now spend on expanding my business. My budgeting and invoicing became much more efficient.” Choosing for Logiqstar is choosing for a partnership. Logiqstar is developped together with its clients. They are supported throughout the entire process. “I see Logistar as an ongoing partnership, furthermore I think it will give forwarders a great competitive advantage to tackle the future challenges for logistics.”

“I’m convinced that Logiqstar will give forwarders a great competitive advantage
to tackle the future challenges for logistic providers.”

Nils Beyers, owner Cargoflow