Harbour Resource Management

The Logiqstar Harbour Resource Management application area helps you to manage the company’s hired or own dockers and their salary. You can:

  • Register their hours and weights performed
  • Manage various types of docker teams by registering performance of each docker separately or for the whole team
  • Manage charges or premiums in addition to the base salary

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Partner Portal

The Logiqstar Portal is a track & trace web application for your customers and vendors that provides an overview of the most important information from Logiqstar. It is not only the online track & trace platform to follow up your quotes, shipments, operational documents and related invoices, but can be opened up to your suppliers in order to exchange documents by uploading/downloading them on the portal. All documents and information exchanged on the portal is synchronized back and forward with the Logiqstar back office solution.

Finance & Controlling Reporting

This module enables you to analyze, control and report the financial aspects of the operational orders you perform in Logiqstar. You will be able to manage your business based on correct and actual information: budgeting, cost and revenue, (statistics for) reporting periods entries (total turnover, deferred income, accrued income, deferred expenses, accrued expenses, total costs, profit & loss …)…

Order Management

Order Management System is integrated in the Logiqstar add-on for Microsoft Dynamics NAV. At the heart of Logiqstar is the operational order. This order consists of a number of logistics tasks that need to be carried out, such as transportation. The services rendered in an operational order are linked to ‘order tasks’, which determine the cost or revenue of that activity. OMS allows you to manage logistics orders in
a flexible manner and to gear the workflow within an order entirely to your own working methods or that of your clients. This saves time and money.

Inventory Management

This module helps you to automate the management of inventory-related processes, such as inbound, transformation, and outbound operations as well as calculation of storage rent. Additionally, this functionality can be used to block/unblock certain inventory-related operations, update reservation, and analyze inventory activities through Inventory Overview. Processes managed in Inventory Management are performed in conjunction with other Logiqstar areas, in particular with Order Management System (OMS).

Pricing & Procurement Management

This module helps you to manage all types of buying and selling rates in a structured way. Thanks to a comprehensive set of pricing management tools, you are able to regulate service cost and prices and tailor service costs and prices to specific contacts and various conditions (Tariff Scheme or Quote functionality).

Business Integration Layer and EDI communication

The Business Integration Layer and EDI module is a comprehensive solution to open up Logiqstar to any kind of business partner. Customers can use it to send electronic orders to you. Or you can use it to communicate with specific terminals in order to automate the different processes, lower data entry , optimize timing, avoid errors and minimize costs in the end.

The Business Integration & EDI module gives you the possibility to use an integrated framework for sending and receiving files, in various formats, into and from Logiqstar. It has the possibility to track and solve errors, open imported or exported files. All from within the application. With this framework you can develop your own interfaces for Logiqstar. On top of that Logiqstar has 2 pre-defined XML packages.

Customs Warehouse Management

This module helps you to manage the movement of goods through different types of customs warehouses. It also creates customs inventory markers that allow you to follow up customs inventory.

Customs Declaration Documents

This module is a very flexible and configurable application area for one of the most crucial areas of a logistics business: managing customs. It is integrated in the Logiqstar add-on for Microsoft Dynamics NAV and helps you to:

  • save time in the process of data entry and error handling;
  • reduce error and fines;
  • sent to and receive from local customs authorities.

Logiqstar Belgian Localization

Some of the Logiqstar functionality was designed to make it suitable for the Belgium market. Direct PLDA/NCTS Customs Communication (integrated with the Customs Declaration Documents module). By using the Logiqstar direct customs communication to Belgian customs authorities you don’t pay any transaction fee since now communication partner is in between!

Logiqstar Content Pack for Power BI

Getting insights into your Logiqstar data is easy with Power BI and the Logiqstar content pack. Power BI retrieves your data and then builds a predefined dashboard and a series of reports based on that data. This dashboard allows you to easily monitor the state of your operational business and to react immediately.

Logiqstar Loading Info & Availability PowerApp

Logiqstar Loading Info & Availability is a custom PowerApp that has been designed for Logiqstar. This PowerApp enables remote users to retrieve information through their mobile device or web browser.

Logiqstar Real Time Warehouse Scanning

It’s more than an Inventory Management System. It offers you the possibility to manage the inventory of the goods, including various operations. It is design to optimise the entire process within warehouses, and can be integrated with real time barcode scanning software and hardware. Warehouse Management Scanning improves the flow of goods, optimizes the available warehouse space, increases the efficiency of warehouse staff and improves the overall quality of service.