Shipping a container is complex and always holds certain risks. Many individuals companies, drivers, captains get to be in charge of the precious cargo at some point in the trajectory. Today a single pin code grants access to said container and is used and passed on via SMS, email… by all participants. Needless to say this system is flawed; when more participants know this pin, it only takes one mole to leak it. Granting malicious individuals access to steal or add illegal cargo relatively easy with little or no way to track down the leak.

Today, Molenbergnatie and Manuport Logistics are working together with Logiqstar and T-Mining, a Belgian start-up with offices in Antwerp and Singapore, to work on a solution for this problem within the NxtPort platform.

T-Mining specializes in the relatively new but very promising Blockchain technology. The highly encrypted nature and ability to physically move data from one location to another, makes it an ideal candidate for these kinds of transactions.

Basically T-mining can give any current owner of a container a unique token to process it and move it along to the next player in the process. The token is only valid for about thirty minutes and can be directly linked to digital identities such as the Alphapass used in Port of Antwerp. Once the token is used and the individual has done every necessary step, this token is passed on to the next responsible in line.

Only, unlike the traditional pin code:

  • This token transaction is registered in a public ledger, fully transparent;
  • The old token can no longer be used;
  • The new owner receives an entirely new token, linked to his identity.

The public ledger will show the entire trajectory of both token and container. The genius part of the system is that all entries in said ledger are constantly (re)confirmed by many different players in the system (=We call these ‘nodes’ in the network), which means nobody can tamper with transaction data by hacking into one or more of the systems. Because the other systems will automatically detect the data is no longer verified by the other ‘nodes’, thus always insuring the integrity of the data and complete transparency.

Logiqstar aims to support the forwarders, just like Molenbergnatie and Manuport, in enabling this blockchain solution. Today, automated communication between both T-Mining’s platform and Logiqstar is being developed and is in a Proof of Concept stage.

Eric Robbeets CEO of Logiqstar;Today it’s hard working with blockchain as it’s still in its early stage. Finding good developers is a challenge as Blockchain is unknown territory for most IT professionals yet lots of companies see its huge potential in automation of so many complex tasks, solving problems, increasing security and transparency, cutting costs… But like Kennedy said; we chose to do it, not because it’s easy, but because it’s hard… and it will give our customers and us an amazing head start to the competition.