As it is built on the Microsoft Dynamics ERP solution, Logiqstar guarantees global support.

Microsoft Dynamics is supported by a global partner network.


Over 3,500 software companies are certified to sell and implement Microsoft Dynamics.


Over 110,000 companies use Microsoft Dynamics and benefit from its many advantages day in, day out.

Microsoft Dynamics was successfully implemented at various international companies thanks to local support in their home country.


Continue to work with a familiar system. Microsoft Dynamics NAV uses the same interface as the other Microsoft applications, allowing anyone to get started in just a few easy clicks.


The software seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Outlook, and Microsoft SharePoint, among others. All these applications have been perfectly geared to one another to make your job a lot easier!


You can install Microsoft Dynamics NAV on site or opt to work in the cloud, allowing your team to work where and when they perform best: at the office, at home, or even on the road.


Microsoft Dynamics NAV gives your organisation a better insight into relations with customers, allowing you to better meet their requirements. The result? Higher levels of customer satisfaction!


Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a role-specific package, giving your staff relevant insights into their daily tasks. With the right information within reach, they can work quickly, efficiently, and in an organised manner.


Logiqstar guarantees that all the latest developments within Microsoft Dynamics NAV are supported, as stipulated in our statement of direction. As such, your ROI is guaranteed, now and in the future.

Why Microsoft Dynamics?

Over 110,000 organisations, 2,000 of which are based in Belgium, work with Microsoft Dynamics NAV. All over the world, logistics services are a booming business. Logiqstar gives logistics service providers access to this ERP solution.

  • Continuity is guaranteed since Microsoft Dynamics NAV (the Microsoft ERP platform) forms the basis of the Logiqstar platform.
  • Built by experts boasting years of experience: you will immediately realise just how targeted the package really is.
  • The unique ‘workflow-driven order management system’ allows you to set up the entire process for each type of order.
  • Our CRM modules support the management of all your contacts, commercial activities, rates, quotes, and customer service tasks.
  • The standard modules for financial management, accounting, and reporting in Microsoft Dynamics NAV ensure full integration and transparency.
  • The Microsoft platform allows for integration with Microsoft Office.
Depending on your activities, you can opt for our integrated modules:
  • All transport modes (sea, truck, air, rail)
  • Stock management for third parties
  • Customs administration
  • Payroll management for port workers (CEPA)

Logiqstar was built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM

A transparent sales process? Just a few clicks away!

As a logistics service provider you often need to manage hundreds or even thousands of contacts, and you work with countless suppliers. Moreover, you need to be able to support your customers’ complex business processes and you are faced with specific challenges in terms of purchasing rates, benchmarking, the management of various services, etc.

Over 40 million users across 40,000 organisations worldwide have already opted to use this unique CRM platform. Its sectoral add-ons make Logiqstar the ideal CRM solution for logistics service providers.

  • The standard Microsoft Dynamics CRM feature can be accessed straight away
  • Accessible via web browser or directly via Microsoft Outlook
  • A familiar user interface, making it easy for your staff to get used to the system
  • Developed by experienced sectoral experts, which makes the solution intuitive and geared to your business processes
  • A unique workflow-driven order management system which displays alerts for every relevant database task
  • Integrated management of all contacts, commercial activities, rates, quotes, and customer service tasks for all organisations in your group
  • Full integration with Microsoft Office
  • Available in the cloud, as-a-service, or installed on your own servers


  • Segmentation
  • Communication with customers and partners
  • Lead generation


  • Rate management
  • Quote management
  • Pipeline and forecasting
  • Analysis


  • Complaints management and reporting
  • AEO process management
  • Customer support

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