Regardless of whether your department operates as part of a larger group or whether you deal with customers as an independent customs declarant,

it is a challenge to keep abreast of the continuous changes to laws and regulations in your field.

How can you ensure that all your files are processed correctly and within the stipulated deadlines? How do you keep your cash flow under control and most importantly of all, how do you monitor the profitability of your business?

In order to achieve all of this in an efficient and financially sound manner, you need an ERP system that is specifically designed to meet your requirements.

Single data entry and transparency ensure that all the data you enter is immediately available for all processes.

You can continuously monitor the performance of your organisation.

Orders can be processed via your organisation (e.g. distribution of tasks to various departments and companies).

Quotes, orders, purchasing and sales invoices, accounts, financial matters, and analysis processes are supported by one single system, fully transparently.

You are guaranteed up-to-date and efficient communication with all customs systems.

You can constantly monitor the stipulated deadlines and timeframes and you can efficiently manage your cash flow.

Logiqstar does all of this and more!

Thanks to integration with the Microsoft Dynamics, our various modules support a wide range of services:

  • Fully flexible set-up of all sorts of documents
  • Fully flexible user interface, to be defined by the user
  • Fully flexible user message lay-out, to be defined by the user
  • Use of data templates
  • Integrated processing of all tasks via our workflow-based order management system
  • Warehouse management for all warehouse types (PLDA/NCTS)
  • Direct communication with customs systems without fee per transaction
  • Financial follow-up fully integrated with accounts
  • Fiscal representation
  • Full integration with Microsoft Office Microsoft Dynamics CRM and NAV (Navision) as a basis for commercial management (CRM, rates, quotes, price lists, statistics)
  • Administrative management (orders, invoicing, accounts, financial)• Analysis (Business Intelligence)
  • Our workflow-controlled order management system limits custom adjustments to the bare minimum
  • Templates for recurring orders
  • Document generation based on variable templates
  • Flexibility for ad-hoc situations
  • Transparent information throughout the entire process

And on top of that, optimal communication!

Email through integration with Outlook


Opening of business partners’ Excel files

Customer portal

Molenbergnatie extends boundaries with Logiqstar Customs module (Dutch case)

Molenbergnatie extends boundaries with Logiqstar Customs module (Dutch case)

Complex import and export processes made simple with the right tools

Molenbergnatie joins forces with Logiqstar

Molenbergnatie joins forces with Logiqstar

Molenbergnatie has opted for the Logiqstar standard package