Logistics services providers from all over the world struggle with traditional CRM systems. Their sales process is too complex to be handled by generic systems that address mainly commercial companies. That’s why CRM4LSP is built. It is a custom made solution that addresses the obstacles of any freight forwarder, transport company or logistics services providers. Based on Microsoft Dynamics 365, the leading software package from Microsoft.

We are proud to announce that from now on Logiqstar can offer you CRM4LSP. This piece of software is designed by our Portuguese partner in Lisbon and made in such a way that it should be able to handle all types of logistics companies. If you are a freight forwarder, logistics company, port operator or transportation company, CRM4LSP will give you all the tools to optimize your sales management.

Easy & flexible setup

As CRM4LSP can be setup easily and stand-alone (without Logiqstar), it will take you only a couple of days to start with your new sales tools. It handles everything, from account management to tariff management for all types of transport modalities including the management of the sales cycle (e.g. quoting). Marketing campaigns, lead management, visit reports, tariff management, quoting, benchmarking, claims management and much more are now at your fingertips!