Logiqstar is distributed and supported
by a wide network of certified partners


Contact our local representative in Belgium directly.



XTRAS forward thinking GmbH & Co. KG


Bergiusstr. 1
28816 Stuhr (bei Bremen)

+49 421 40 89 48 0

Untermarkt 23
02826 Görlitz

+49 3581 79 240 – 0



Via Augusta 13-15
D. 214
08006 Barcelona

(+34) 934 154 005


Pl. Ajuntament 19
entl. D
46002 València

 (+34) 963 517 611


C./ Zurbano, 45
28010 Madrid

 (+34) 911 841 938


Quetglas 23
07013 Palma de Mallorca

(+34) 871 711 224

Xolyd Iberica

Praça Nuno Rodrigues dos Santos, 7
Escritório 7, 1600 171 Lisboa

 +35 1 21 825 80 39

Xpand Ukraine LLC

45-49 Vozdvyzhenska Str., V45 BC, ofc. 701
04071 Kyiv

+380 44 251 36 36

Logiqstar Support

 Service Desk

Logiqstar is currently supported by its Microsoft Certified Partners, who offer all the necessary implementation and support services.

Do you have a Service Level Agreement (SLA) with one of our partners? In that case, the Logiqstar Service Desk is available to you. Email us at support@logiqstar.com

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You can contact us for assistance during office hours (Mon-Fri from 8.30 am to 5.30 pm, GMT+1). Depending on the seriousness of your problem, we guarantee the following response times:

Severity 3 (Normal) Severity 2 (High) Severity 1 (Critical)
Within 2 working days
Update about status via online Ticketing System.
Within 8 working hours
Update about status via online Ticketing System.
Immediately with a maximum of 4 working hours. Within each status change feedback to the customer will be provided.

Ready for tomorrow

The Logiqstar ‘Enhancement Plan’

Help your organisation realise its full potential with your Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution. When purchasing Logiqstar you become a Microsoft Dynamics client. Needless to say, we want your solution to continue to run smoothly and efficiently. To guarantee optimal efficiency, you need a top-quality service plan.

The Logiqstar Enhancement Plan is valid for 365 days and is renewed automatically every year. It allows you to optimise and protect your investment in Logiqstar and Microsoft Dynamics NAV by continuously boosting your staff’s performance, while enjoying the latest innovations and features of both Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Logiqstar.

Needless to say, as a client you can opt out of the ‘Enhancement Plan’ at any time

  • Version and product updates
  • Service packs & hotfixes
  • Tax and regulatory releases
  • Logiqstar service and support
  • Knowledge base
  • Training content (including documentation, training materials, and training plans)
  • Logiqstar Support Lifecycle

Logiqstar gets better and better

Version upgrade

Every year, we launch a major update, which is supplied with the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Product Update

We also launch updates (sometimes combined with the version upgrade), which includes both functional and technical product updates. Every time Microsoft launches new features, Logiqstar follows (also see our statement of direction).

Cumulative updates

We launch cumulative updates for Logiqstar, which can be requested from the Logiqstar Service Desk (support) and downloaded.

The Logiqstar Support Lifecycle policy offers you a clear overview of our support timeline. It gives you an insight into the latest technologies and innovations that are in the pipeline, including their concrete release dates. This allows you, as a client, to better anticipate major improvements and ensures you don’t find yourself unprepared when general amendments are launched. Simply put, we give you an insight into the Logiqstar development process.

The Logiqstar Enhancement Plan supports each new version for 5 years, or alternatively, for 2 years following the second version upgrade (n+2). This means that the last two new Logiqstar versions always enjoy active support.

Once the Logiqstar Support Lifecycle policy has expired, both clients and partners have the option of purchasing the Extended Enhancement Plan, which guarantees hotfixes for Logiqstar versions that are no longer supported through the standard Logiqstar Enhancement Plan.

Logiqstar is integrated in Microsoft Dynamics NAV and follows its lifecycle.

In other words: as long as Microsoft supports Dynamics NAV, Logiqstar will receive support. Microsoft will only support these products when the current or upcoming Service Pack is installed. This support contains all bugfixes and updates provided by Microsoft.

Microsoft supports the current Service Pack, and often the previous one as well for Dynamics NAV. Microsoft supports the previous Service Pack for an extended period of maximum 12 months after releasing the latest Service Pack. Keep in mind that it could be less, this depends on the month the latest Service Pack was released.

The Statement Of Direction contains a short history and the strategic course of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, in addition to plans for the next release.

Logiqstar strives to releasing upgraded versions of its certified modules within 6 months after every major release of Dynamics NAV.